FBSA 2004-2008

In 2013, the FB-Connections acquired the asset of the Franco-British Student Alliance, an organisation that had organised student events between 2004 and 2008.

The Franco-British Student Alliance was founded in 2004 to foster cultural exchanges and a better understanding of not only Britain and France but the wider world. Bringing together national as well as international students from the six participating institutions (HEC, Ecole Polytechnique, London School of Economics, Sciences-Po Paris, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford), our events encourage debate and create a platform for students’ voices to be heard. The Alliance was honoured to benefit from the patronage of Her Majesty The Queen and the President of the French Republic.

The Principles of the FBSA
As the FBSA developed, it defined a set of principles around which it organised its activities. These are:

  • To perpetuate the spirit of the Entente Cordiale and encourage understanding between students and young alumni from France and Great Britain in order to stimulate cooperation for a common future.
  • To become a framework to assist in the development of meetings and projects between students of selected Universities of France and Great Britain.
  • To work ever more closely with the Institutions and Organizations of France and Britain to build up a student vision on topical issues pertaining to both countries.

These principles have been incorporated into the core missions of the FB-Connections.

Defining moments of the FBSA history
• April 2004: foundation of the Alliance at the Château de Breteuil
• Autumn 2004: official support of Her Majesty’s Government received in the House of Lords
• December 2004: Hatfield House meeting to discuss closer Anglo-French cooperation
• Spring 2005: twin Patronage of The Queen and The President of The Republic
• October 2005: first annual summit in Paris on corporate social responsibility
• April 2006: cultural exchange at Hatfield House
• December 2006: annual summit Oxford on global competition in higher education
• 2008: annual summit LSE on Protectionism and Liberalisation
• December 2008: annual summit Cambridge on France, Britain and Globalisation

The FBSA held its last conference at the end of 2008