Mathieu Nebra #DigitalEducationUKFR

Mathieu Nebra


Founder and CEO of Openclassrooms

Computer enthusiast at an early age, Mathieu created the first version of OpenClassrooms in 1999 when he was only 13 years old. At that time, he was trying to create his first website and realized that resources designed for beginners and available online were quite limited. He finally succeeded in executing his project but decided that he wanted to share what he’d learn in an easy and accessible way. 15 years later, OpenClassrooms is now the first community platform of online courses in Europe with 3 milllions users each month. He is one of the ten winners in 2015 of the Innovators Under 35 selected by the MIT Technology Review . OpenClassrooms has been chosen in July 2015 by Wired UK magazine in the top 10 start-ups the most prominent in France.

OpenClassrooms developed into a huge community of people interested in learning new computer developer and programming skills, but also about digital marketing, communications and innovation.

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