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About The Conference

« D’ici, où va-t-on? », or “Where do we go from here?” will be the theme of the inaugural Franco-British Student Conference focussing on the differences as well as the opportunities that exist between France and the United Kingdom with the aim of seeking out ways of promoting and advancing cooperation in both directions across the Channel.

In the spirit of the Entente Cordiale, the conference aims to reunite students from British and French institutes of higher education on a platform on which they may engage each other on subjects related to finance, economics and politics within the Franco-British context. Through speeches by academic and professional figures from both sides of the Channel, diverging viewpoints will be presented, debated and synergized, resulting in the conception of new, radical and effective solutions for the advancement of cross-Channel economic and commercial cooperation.

From the 12th to the 14th of February 2010, 4 teams from each side of the Channel will gather at the University College London in the United Kingdom with their opinions and proposals for advancing cross-channel cooperation. Specific speech topics will be proposed by our guest speakers, and the aim is to juxtapose diametrically opposed opinions on a common stage in order to discover common ground without compromising the common aim of further economic growth for both countries. These issues are real, pertinent and current - to which the discussions, debates and conclusions made during this weekend will serve as potential solutions to an urgent need.

This conference will not only be a fact-finding mission - it also serves to re-ignite dialogue between students and institutions on both sides of the Channel and as a catalyst for future cooperation.

Organising Committee
2010 Franco-British Student Conference, London.