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Info For Participating Students

Your role in the conference

Representing opinions from both sides of the channel, your team will participate in the conference activities in two ways:

  1. As an audience during the keynote speeches by our distinguished speakers
  2. As debaters and participants in the round table session and the three debates that will happen over the weekend (refer to the conference schedule)

The aim of the conference is to allow a congregation and discovery of the ideas and opinions of speakers and students from both sides of the channel.

Each debate will involve 4 members from each team. Teams will be randomly made so that students from different universities are together. There will be 2 debate rooms, in which 4 teams will debate each other in a British Parliamentary Style debate. Motions have been set by the organisers although the side that each team will take will only be made known once all registrations have been received and confirmed.

Awards will be given out for Best Speaker and Best Team during the debates.

Conference Fee

In order to help cover the operating costs for the conference, a conference fee of £15 per person will be required for each registered participant. Please note that the conference is FREE for Imperial College students. This fee goes to covering costs of equipment and catering during the three conference days, as well as partially covering publicity costs.


Registration will be done online with the form on this webpage. Once we receive your registration, we will generate an invoice using Google Checkout and email it to you, and upon receipt of your payment we will confirm your attendance at the conference via email.


Housing is not included in the Conference fee.

Millenium Hotel - Gloucester Road

We have obtained a deal from Millenium Balley Hotel - Gloucester Road, that includes a room for one person two people for £125/night, English breakfast included. Please contact us for more information.

Astor Hostels

Alternatively, you can get a room with a group of people at the Astor Hyde Park or Astor Kensington, both of which are within walking distance of Imperial College. Check out their website for cheap deals from £14.00/person/night !

If you are interested in getting a room with 5 or 6 other students, but do not know any of them, please contact us, specifying any special requirements you have. We will then be able to get you in touch with other students who are attending and are interesting in sharing a dorm.



Eurostar takes you from Paris-Gare du Nord to London-Saint-Pancras in 2h12. Order as soon as possible to get the best deal possible!


easyJet fares are usually very low, and can be a cheaper alternative to Eurostar. However, keep in mind that the planes land at London-Luton, which is an hour away from London-Victoria. Bus fares between Luton and Victoria range from £2 (easyBus) to £20.


Eurolines is the cheapest option to get to London from Paris. Although the trip is approximately 6 hours long, tickets start at £30.