Cordial Debate 2010-2011

The prize aims to foster mutual understanding between France and Great Britain by competing short essays taking a view “for or against” an annually given statement . This award recognizes outstanding arguments – presented individually or as a Team. The assessment criteria for all papers are the quality and originality of the arguments. After submission the four highest ranked essays are transferred to a panel of senior members of the Franco-British community (the Jury) for final judgment.

2010-2011 Edition

“This house believes that one of France or Britain has a superior system for promoting innovation”

The winner is Simon Garcia, student at Sciences Po Paris

The Jury was composed as follows:

  1. Cédric Villani Fields Medal Laureate
  2. Michel de Fabiani Chairman of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce
  3. Lord Oxburgh Former Chairman of the House of Lords Science & Technology Committee
  4. Declan McCavana President of the French Debating Association and Professor at Ecole Polytechnique